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  • Meet Elia A. Naqvi

    Skilled Santa Ana Criminal Defense Attorney

    Elia A. NaqviBeing a criminal defense attorney is frequently not the most popular, respected, or lucrative career choice for lawyers. However, there is nothing Elia A. Naqvi would rather be doing. She believes that being a Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer is the most important job that she can do.

    A genuine, sincere, and compassionate attorney, she truly believes in the fundamental concept of “innocent until proven guilty”. She makes a point of listening to their stories and giving them honest, straightforward advice on their options.

    “I am entrusted with the life and liberty of my clients and the future of their families. I am the only voice that they have in the criminal justice system that has to be heard over the governmental system that is built against them. The prosecutions office, the police departments and, in fact, the entire justice system has to be fought against by the criminal defense attorney. I am proud to stand up with my client in the courtroom and be his/her voice and fight the system for my client.” –Elia A. Naqvi

    Experienced & Knowledgeable Legal Guidance

    Ms. Naqvi has more than 20 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. She worked for almost 7 years as a Public Defender with the County of Orange, then as a private attorney in Orange County and the surrounding counties. She has conducted about 50 trials and over 80 preliminary hearings.

    This experience is extremely beneficial to her clients. She knows how to conduct herself in a courtroom; when it is advantageous for her client to negotiate and when it is beneficial to play hardball. Ms. Naqvi has the ability to see the risks or rewards in a case that the prosecutor or novice attorney might not have picked up on. Due to her experience, she knows when a case is best served by taking it to trial, and she is willing and able to do so. Her comfort and experience in the courtroom gives her an edge on more timid defense attorneys and makes her someone you want representing you.

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    We know that being charged with a crime of any kind can be an extremely overwhelming experience. It can sometimes feel hopeless, and like no one is listening, when your future and that of your family hangs in the balance. When you hire us, you are bringing to your defense a Santa Ana criminal defense attorney that combines extensive knowledge and genuine caring.

    Contact us today to retain an attorney who can fight for you with tenacity and wisdom.

    • Education
    • McMaster University- B.A. History, 1995
    • Western University- LL. B., 1998
    • Qualifications
    • Attorney-at-Law, the State Bar of California
    • Attorney-at-Law, the State Bar of New York
    • Barrister and Solicitor, the Law Society of Upper Canada
    • Accolades
    • University of Western Ontario Bursary (Scholarship), 1996-1997
    • Deans Honor List, McMaster University, 1993-1995
    • Ontario Scholar, 1992
    • City of Niagara Falls Achievement Award, 1992
    • Westlane Secondary School Business Award, 1992
    • Niagara Kinsman Award, 1992

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